LloydLloyd Hanson

Drums / Band Leader

I am a native of Florida and my first instrument was the accordion.  I learned by ear, to play songs from my older brothers’ collection of 45s.  The accordion soon went out of fashion, but the music bug stayed with me through record collections, the radio and television performances.  My “big bang” of inspiration came with The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and I was convinced that Ringo had the coolest job on the planet.  I along with three school buddies donned “Beatle Wigs” and lip synced to “She Loves You” in our 6th grade talent show; just the beginning of things to come.  The short list of cool band names from my past: Fire Creek, The Mischief Makers, Myth, Sarabande, Gatton Gang, Teaser and of course – Paradise and Sophisticates.I studied music performance and composition at University of Central Florida and have made my living as a musician for most of my adult life.  I still really enjoy performing in Paradise with the great musicians I have been able to align myself with for so many years.  As it turns out being a native of the area, Orlando really is a great location to be for the entertainment market we have chosen.I really enjoy listening to and playing all styles of music.  I have two great kids who also love following their passions - surfing and…you guessed it – music!