rickbioRick Voigt

Guitar/Lead vocals

Originally from Canada, Rick has performed all over the world, touring the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Carribean islands. During the late 70's, he made his first two albums and had three singles released with Capitol records in Canada. He has been very active as of late in the corporate music world working for many fortune 500 companies. He currently performs with top corporate act Paradise,  and has performed numerous shows with other acts  Dance Express, the Blues Brothers Show, and Coco Loco, to name a few.In addition Rick continues to pursue his own original music in the form of recording and is also available as a solo musical entertainer.  Rick's guitar playing covers all styles of music from blues to rock to country to jazz with unforgettable style and feeling. He currently makes central Florida his home. Visit Rick's website at www.rick-voigt.com.